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I'm not a real historian.   I didn't grow up in Princeton.    I don't have an Ivy League education.   

I'm a total Princeton WannaBe. 

Still, I gush about loving the heart of Princeton as much as I can!




Introducing Goodnight Princeton!



Please email Thomas to find out how to get your copy today!

HERE'S A QUICK DESCRIPTION!  Goodnight Princeton  is a print book created to celebrate everything wonderful about growing up in the world's most perfect Ivy League town. The 32 page picture book highlights some of Princeton's most beloved places and attractions. Readers will be taken on a tour through the beloved and historic town as well as the surrounding area. The book highlights some of the best spots of the famous university, stores and shops along Nassau Street, the Princeton Battlefield, the Princeton Art Museum, the Library, Princeton Arts Council, Palmer Square, the Nassau Inn, the Dinky and so much more! The illustrations are colorful and bright, depicting special details about Princeton on each page. Written as a rhyme, it is meant to be read aloud to children of all ages. Whether you were born and raised in town or just passing through, as many have done for hundreds of years, this book holds wonderful memories of Princeton.


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Black Squirrel Promotions is OPEN!

Who We Are:

Black Squirrel Promotions is owned by Mimi Omiecinski, who everyone knows, has a passion for Princeton!  

She has partnered as the official outside sales team for the Princeton University Store so she can now provide you with the highest quality custom promotional apparel and items in Princeton!

About Our Products:

As the official partner to Princeton University Store, the biggest brands in the industry trust Black Squirrel Promotions to design, develop and deliver your custom promotional apparel or items:

How To Order:

Just email Black Squirrel Promotions or call at 609-865-0234.

We're here to offer full service attention to your promotional needs beginning with truly understanding your goals for each promotion, assisting with creative brain storming to create maximum impact for your investment, ordering and delivering on time and within budget. 

Why We're Different:

The Princeton University Store and Black Squirrel Promotions share a  mission to serve humanity.

The Princeton University Store product suppliers comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act so you are assured your promotion is benefiting more than the recipients of your order.

A percentage of Black Squirrel sales is donated to the local Princeton non-profit, 101: Need-based scholarships for Princeton High School graduates! 

The 101: scholarships are entirely need-based, and are aimed at reducing the gap between the skyrocketing cost of attending college and students’ resources from family savings and financial aid packages.

To inquire about  your promotional order needs, email Black Squirrel Promotions or call at 609-865-0234.

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This Week, Only Forever Ago .... Old Ironsides Earned It's Name!

Did you know Old Ironsides was commanded by Princeton's very own William Bainbridge?  TRUE!

His home was Bainbridge House on Nassau Street!  I KNOW!

(At the time it was very unusual to use brick for a residence so everyone in town knew Commander Bainbridge was a wealthy man.  For many years, his home was the headquarters for the Princeton Historical Society.)

We think it's interesting because William Bainbridge served under SIX Presidents including Princeton graduate, James Madison! (not to mention Vice President Aaron Burr, Jr. too!)

For super nerds ...... some folks in town will tell you the United States flag inside the Princeton Chapel is from the USS Constitution (aka Old Ironsides) but that's not true ..... that flag was flown in DC for  the first two years of Woodrow Wilson's presidency and flew on the the USS Princeton during WWII!)


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Love Florence Foster Jenkins? You're Gonna ADORE Ganna Walska!

I don't know anyone on the planet that isn't LOVING Florence Foster Jenkins!  It's hard to believe the movie is biographical.  (IT IS THOUGH .... check out Florence's original recording here!

Did you know Princeton tiger, Harold F. McCormick, funded his version of Florence with his wife Ganna Walska?  TRUE!  (He was husband #3and completely in love with her!)

She thought she could sing so he showered her with singing lessons and even arranged for her to play the lead in ZaZa at the Chicago Opera. Poor thing was so off key, the audience pelted her with rotten vegetables!  A recording of her is here

Insiders know Orson Welles claimed that McCormick's lavish promotion of Walska's opera career—despite her renown as a terrible singer—was a direct influence on the screenplay, Citizen Kane, wherein the titular character does much the same for his second wife!  LOVE IT!!!!

Harold was a huge philanthropist and gave away much of his fortune, especially to Princeton University.  When we go past McCormick Hall, we always think about his devotion to Ganna!


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Did you know a Princeton Tiger created Woodstock? TRUE!

TRUE!    Joel Rosenman of the Great Class of 1963, co-founded Woodstock with his business partner in 1969!

(He earned a degree in English and was a member of the all male a cappella group, Princeton Footnotes!)

The next year, Princeton University awarded an honorary degree to Bob Dylan!  I KNOW!


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