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I'm not a real historian.   I didn't grow up in Princeton.    I don't have an Ivy League education.   

I'm a total Princeton WannaBe. 

Still, I gush about loving the heart of Princeton as much as I can!




Introducing Princeton Tour Company (Non) Tech Support ...

HELP!  I'm being held against my will to participate in forced group events like charades, limbo, alotta carbs and, the worst?

Family pranks - which our family excels in the best.   The first morning involves alot of casual assessment of  talent and picking teams for TOO-MUCH-FUN!  (read that with a big thumbs up to feel the magic.....)

Unfortunately, the PTC budget couldn't include getting Jeff Gould of Princeton Online to be onsite for the occasional troubleshooting so .........

I've assigned these Geek WannaBes to be in trouble responsible for my internet connections.    (What?  Grief needs a target and I'm grieving being away from Princeton among people I barely know that insist on calling me family!)

To the left, my kid bro Steven, crunched beside him is Stosh-A-Roo, grandaddy and uber Geek WannaBe Shug and of course, Steve O - the freakiest geek in the crew) .......

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Note to Small Business Owners .....It PAYS to Have a Corporate Superstar on the Traveling Team ....

Ok ladies.......note to self........being married to a workaholic has it's perks.......introducing the Continental President's Club! 

Back in my working days, they gave me memberships too but that was eons ago when a free Diet Coke meant something.  Now, the pressures of competition have forced these exclusive clubs to pull out all the stops ....... showers,  free cheese-n-crakcers, free copies???  (be on the look out for lots of flyers about the Doggie Day Out Tours!) 

Tour moguls aren't distracted by things like conference calls, business planning or board meetings.  We work on things like hand signals, finding the perfect capris/sneaker ensemble and figuring out ways to embarrass Will, Warren, Jennifer and the rest of the gang who actually give our amazing tours.

Next post is about my destination ........ 2009 FAMILY REUNION!!!!  (That's English for 2009 People I Haven't In So Long We Still Need Introductions!)

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You Know You're a Princeton WannaBe When .....

You find yourself mentioning  Maine alot .......


Latitude: 40.9661446  Longitude: 72.1837463    

(Did you get it?  I KNOW!  That's such a dreamy place!) 

In about 3 hours I leave for vacation - stay tuned for where we end up!


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"So is Princeton Tour Company a Success or What?"

HE ASKS ...... (obviously hoping for an opposite response.)

ME SAYS:  "Well, it depends on who you ask .......

If you ask my accountant she'd give that dead pan look she gives above her glasses.  (HE smiles at this)

If you ask another tour company in New York or Chicago, they'd die laughing ...... (HE smiles at this too.)

If you ask my hubby, Steve O, he'd probably laugh and say that working is a gift,  the power to work is a blessing; and the love of work is true success......(Steve O is my coolest mentor.)

HE stops ....... arranges my cup just so ......... smiles ........ and says, "You're growing on me you nutjob.  I know that kind of success.   Alot of merchants in downtown Princeton would agree with that.  Congratulations."

THANK YOU to all the generous folks who've shared their time, resources, talent and encouragement to help us get some momentum!

All our tour guides love trying to give tours that make you fall in love with the Princeton you never knew existed!

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THE FAMILY REUNION officially congregates today ... I am sure, Mimi will slink off to post about her slightly crazy, very entertaining DAR lineage. I have Vodka in the trunk and duct tape for my husband's mouth...I'm packed!

Henry Louise Gates, Jr.... Please Move to Princeton !

I just ran across this interview with Colbert from earlier this year ......... You can see Dr. Gates' sense of humor, patience, ability to laugh at himself (and Colbert) and ability to make you think beyond the obvious.  He would be a perfect fit here in Princeton!

Princeton University (and its surrounding town) has come a LONG way since its provincial beginnings ...... Call me crazy but I just can't picture what happened to Dr. Gates in Harvard, happening in Princeton.  No way ...... No how.....


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The Princeton Public Library is EN FUEGO People!


If you live in Princeton, pinch yourself that our librarians know how to make our library one of a kind !


(Hey, note to self, if you don't live in Princeton and you want to be a member it's only $150 per year ...... think about how much you spend on books and you'll see it's a BARGAIN!)

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The Trentonian Stalks Me?

Jeff Edelstein of The Trentonian is a freak for Princeton and Princeton Tour Company!  Be on the look out for an article on us in Monday's edition   ........ (I KNOW !  I LOVE FREE PRESS !  IT'S SO, LIKE, FREE !!!)

He interviewed moi today - I channeled my Christina Aguilera self to be sure I wasn't misrepresented by "the press"  ............ my posse wasn't available so I had one of Stosh's teddy bears and my Einstein doll around as back up ..........

So what's the scoop on Jeff ?  He digs the Thai restaurant inside the Y up on Paul Robeson - he recommends #37 for the true spice enthusiast ...... he's got a sweetie pie wife, a 3 month old and a doggie that has been his sidekick since he nabbed that photo of Russell Crowe flippin' him off in the Princeton University quad during the filming of Beautiful Mind!  I KNOW!  Remember that photo?  

This guy, Jeff Edelstein, standing in my walk up was THERE when that shot was taken !  He even talked to Ron Howard the next day who said that Russell is a great guy and was just having a bad moment ....... no worries, Russell, we all have 'um!

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Starbucks Starts Delivery Service?

Well, no ......... but hear me out .......

while other Princeton kids have chores like cutting the grass and cleanin' the gutters ........all things Stosh cannot do in his oh-so-in-town-dwelling ........ Momma needed to come up with opportunities for chores WITH MEANING - not just something to justify the inevitable run to Game Stop ........

What we come up with ????

Stosh is now officially in charge of the mornin' run for coffee!

What?  We all know the biggest perk in havin' a kid is being able to boss them around to "run go get momma's keys", "bring me the paper sweetie" and "go get momma a tall skim latte, no fat - no foam!"

Interested in the perks?  Check out the new downtown apartments and condos going up on Spring Street and Hulfish .......



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Stosh, fake an inguiry if Mimi insists to be carried up to her glorious Princetonian perch.

I Think We All Know Princeton Record Exchange Is the Coolest Merchant in Princeton ....

 When Barry, owner of Princeton Record Exchange, says you rank .......



Barry runs which attracts about as many visitors to Princeton, New Jersey as Princeton University.  When Steve O. moved here he did 4 things - found a barber, got a cigar for his dad at Little Taste of Cuba, tried a 7 beer sampler at Triumph Brewery and hit Princeton Record Exchange on South Tulane. 

I can't wait to tell him Barry has put our logo on his homepage!  (Seems all this blog hoggin', twitter didder and wonderful webbers is creating the perfect harmonies!)

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Everyday in everyway our tours get better!  Why?  Because our customers ask awesome questions!  (Normally, I don't waste the gray matter regarding Harvard (or Yale) but here you go.....)

Q:  What is the mascot of Harvard?  

A:   John Harvard - I KNOW!  It's like, a dude....wierd.

Q:   What is the color of Harvard?

A:   Crimson - the color was produced using the dried bodies of the kermes insect - I KNOW!  It's like, a bug....wierd. 

Q.   Is this the famous "statue of lies" on Harvard's campus?

A.   If you take a Harvard tour this statue is introduced as the statue of lies ....... Lie #1 - John Harvard didn't look like this dude, the sculptor used a model......... Lie #2 - John Harvard is listed as the founder in 1638- he didn't found the college, he was a contributor .......... Lie #3 - the school was founded in 1636........I KNOW!  It's like, who cares?  The fake model is cool but the other two lies?  It's a stretch as a crowd pleaser ......

You can see from this photo, Princeton Real Deals and WannaBees like me invite you to see the gargoyles on campus........see the pranks of the draftsman and the site of famous Nude Olympics.........THAT story would make Harvard grads turn crimson for sure!

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Blah. Blah. Blah. WHATEVER. Who Cares!

Liars or not, those Harvard folks still gonna make more cash than me. Go Blue Raiders!!!!!

Princeton Tour Company Is All About POSITIVE PROMOTION!

Check out the new flags for the back of the bikes! 

This group of tourists from Doylestown and New Orleans gives us a big THUMBS UP on checking out Princeton's history and characters. 

These kids can ride with me anytime! 

(Take a good look at this crowd Shirley T.........I think we have some future Leaguers in our midst!  I'd vouch for all of 'um!) 

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More Proof That Eating Out In Princeton Is Cheaper Than Me Burnin' Dinner

IT IS!!!!  Here's what I found in my InBox this AM:  

"Friends & Family Summer Promotion
50% off your ENTIRE Yankee Doodle Tap Room Bill
Sundays - Thursd
ays Through Labor Day

The Nassau Inn would like to thank its vendors, people we advertise with, and do business with locally by inviting you AND your friends and families to EAT and DRINK for 50% Off on Sundays - Thursdays for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or cocktails from now through Labor Day.
  Simply print this email out and bring it with you.  This promotion also includes take-out!   We've also just introduced NEW MENUS, as well as our NEW TWITTER PAGE (follow us!), which you can find online here: "

Okay, so you heard it here first!  You can go see the world's largest Norman Rockwell painting at the Nassau Inn Tap Room AND eat-n-drink for 50% off.  This 2nd Depression Era has its perks!  Thank you Nassau Inn!


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Mimi, does this offer include those who BLOG from Atlanta? ( day in and day out...since the beginning when you begged for comments)? I can create my own Norman Rockwell moment right here... I'll serve my Sammy in my running bra. Order me up something and Fed-X it! ( I'll pay ya back at the REUNION)

George Edwards, Class of 1889, REALLY loved being an Ivy Club man!

He actually left $50K to the school and $2,500 to his eating club, Ivy Club. 

Most alumni are pretty loyal, including "tuberculosis-stricken George Edwards '89, who famously came back to Ivy Club to die."  (Woodrow Wilson Princeton to the Presidency  by W. Barksdale Maynard) 

Wonder if Mr. Edwards knew the first location for Ivy Club was that stone building across from the intersection of University Place and Mercer Street ...... y'know, with the red door?  Just steps away from where T.S. Elliot would have a home in Princeton......)

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Princeton Police Kids Are As Polite as the Guys in Uniform ?!! It's TRUE!

We ALL know that Princeton Borough police are cuter than the law should allow but their kids?  Just as polite and adorable as their parents!  Here's Chris out and about with his two just the other day!


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It REALLY is my highest compliment to our very own Jeffrey E.  Let's see ...... I've had one named Humbolt, one named Lloyd (as in Frank....right?) and one named Picasso.

Check out this awesome write up of Eugenides in The Daily Beast today:

(IF I didn't know better, I'd say this cat is his twin!)

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PTC Board Approves Mystery Parties, Paranormal Parties and .... CSI Style Parties?

Why not?  We're a scrappy bunch and pride ourselves on having a "Why ? ....Why not?" kind of vibe at the Board Room table.  We're taking Nancy Drew into the 21st Century!  (don't worry, tour guides do not have this tattoo ...... we're driving home the point that our content is CURRENT & RADICALLY DIFFERENT than your typical pre-teen event!)

The tourguide?  '09 Princeton University graduate in psych, forensics and ..... opera?  Yep, THAT'S why this will be a one of a kind tour.

Private groups are our specialty so call 609-902-3637 or send a shout out to

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SNL Funding Sarah Palin's Campaign?


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Packen HEAT in a bikini-- that is one crazy soccer mom!...

You Want Mister Clean ..... Introducing Will!

You see him all around town - sometimes on foot, sometimes on scooter - either way he's on the hunt to help Princeton be beautiful!

Will, YOU are the heart and soul of Princeton!  You make the town more, you can tell a great joke!

Guys like Will abound in Princeton - ask'im his story - you'll be amazed at WHO he knows and WHY he's so darn amazing!

Thanks Will - you are a gentleman and a true Princeton Great!  The town wouldn't be the same without you!


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Will is the best! He always carries treats for the dogs in town. Such a kind soul. As Stosh would say, "He's a piece of God."

Wanna Be Surrounded By Good Lookin' Men All Day?

Be like Hannah, she's went from highlighted blonde to natural







Great new look Hannah and we see the guys on Nassau Street agree!  (Her new look by La Jolie on Witherspoon - - Tell'm you want Hannah Miller's dream team for your new look!  Jennifer Hawkes, our adorable Doggie Day Out tourguide also gets her hair done by this dude!)

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Wow, nice cut. Looking good! Can't wait to get back to Princeton!

Heidi Fleiss Thrown Out of Her Own Bedroom!

Heidi Fleiss and past boyfriend Tom Sizemore are filming for Sober House - a reality show about, well, gettin' cleaned up after some hard livin'.

Last night, a fight between Heidi and Tom sent Fleiss out of the her bedroom last night.

The show won't air for months, so for now, let's just hope they keep fightin' the good fight and not each other!

(What?  You think we just hawk tours all day?  THIS is essential info for the multi-dimensional Princeton citizen!  It was this post or announcing it's National Ice Cream Day ........ of course, we could'a said, "Chill Out Heidi, It's National Ice Cream Day ......... no time for that ..... off to tour a group of empty nesters at 3pm!)

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She sure got her $$$'s worth on those Botox injections!

Addicted Junkies Hanging Out on Nassau Street?



NO WORRIES!  WE JUST WANT PEOPLE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH PRINCETON!  (guests to the left are from Canada - last week, one of their guests was the best friend of the dad in kindergarten - these people make and keep alotta friends!  Now, go back to the homepage and you'll see this family posing for the rain shot!  They'll do ANYTHING to tap the tour vein!)


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Want To Get Freaked Out?

Check out the second floor lobby of the Nassau Inn .......

It's haunted ......

by Einstein's best friend!

Einstein used to have tea here almost every afternoon at 4pm!

We offer ghost tours at 8pm every Saturday night - $10 per person ...... Who is the Frankenstein of Princeton?  Why should women be wary of Aaron Burr, Jr.?  What's up with that liver-n-onion smell on Witherspoon street?  (We even give you a cool lantern to carry!)


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Ivanka's Working Way Too Hard Only To Land A Harvard Man ....

Last night Ivanka twittered her little heart out - using three  explanation points within her limited characters - letting me know she got engaged last night!

Who'd she go with?  The Harvard guy?  Jared ? ....... Granted, he's cute as a button and owns a super cool newsrag but, Ivanka........ he went to flippin' Harvard?  I TOLD you to hold out for a Princeton man ....... 

(plus, what's up with the Jewish conversion studies?  Princeton moms are MUCH nicer to their soon-to-be daughters - I hope Seryl, Jared's mom, appreciates the Xtra effort!  If not, there's always Round 2....Really, all in good fun.......good luck and all the best to Papa Donnie!  Can't WAIT!)



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Sometimes this blog is like reading People Magazine.... Really, Mimi... next you will be quoting sexy scenes out of a Danielle Steel novel...

Want Your Personal Stock to Go Up?

Here's my foolproof formula for creating an appearance of social acceptance among Princeton Greats:

INVITE A PRINCETON GREAT TO SMALL WORLD FOR COFFEE ...... say you're all about philanthropy...... they fall for that every, the REAL Greats really are into it.........anyhoo,.......when you see people you know (and you will)......give'um that "don't talk to me, because I'm with a Princeton Great......"  (I do this even if I'm not with a Great...this way I always look like I'm with a Princeton Great.....what??!!!)

THEN, MORPH YOUR PRINCETON GREAT  INTO YOUR VERY OWN BILLBOARD!   INVITE HER/HIM ON A STROLL AROUND TOWN!  (Advertising is all about frequency and placement ........ prance a little in Palmer Square and then you gotta get your Great on Nassau Street!  Act befuddled around Starbucks to be SURE you are SEEN.......go ALL the way down to Bainbridge then feign a personal need which forces you back up Nassau Street!  Placement, check!  Frequency, check!  Insta credibility, check!!!!

My Princeton Great for today?    EF  ....... y'know.....the one that threw the Jimmy Buffet party you keep hearing about ....... how'd I get face time?  RU kidding?  Anybody that can throw an event the ENTIRE town is still talking about was the FIRST and ONLY person I'd ask to be the focus group for packaging one-of-a-kind birthday parties in Princeton.  Best part?  The real Greats are always generous.  She gave me tons of smartypants advice and plenty of giggles.   The dish on EF?  She LOVES Town Topics - her section?  the obits???!!!!  The obits remind her of how wonderful the people are in this town!  HOW GREAT IS THAT? 

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Move Over Mickey, There's a New National Obsession in Town!

Okay, I agree, it's too soon to smack talk Princeton as a replacement option for a Disney vacation BUT, you have to admit, Princeton is in the same League for an unforgettable experience:  We got your shopping, your education (actually we beat them on that), academic celebrity sightings (that too) and as for thrilling adventures.........Disney has us on that but the Princeton crosswalks get my heart racing everyday!  Make a radical statement about your discretionary spending and keep it in Princeton. 

 Think Einstein can't compete with Mickey?  Think again ..... 

(and we're just gettin' started!  AWESOME cupcakes and cake by Jen of

 Today is the anniversary Disney opened in 1955 ....... Talk about a stressful day at the office.  Walt would have had to punch me out to keep the stress at bay on opening day! 









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Perfect Storm or the Beginning of the End?

At Princeton Tour Company the stress of morphing from mommy's hobby to a real small business is showing up in all the likely places:

Admin snaffoos - seems I was too busy giving tours and missed the voicemail from SouthWest Airlines asking for a last minute quote and delivery of photos for next quarter's issue ..... be on the lookout later this Fall .... luckily, the town is a destination spot and southern drawls get you a second chance!

Expense panic - it's wierd, you see NO money coming in for so long, frankly, you get used to're like, "Hey, I'm just startin' up" then you get just enough money to say, "Man, I'm a real small business, I'm supposed to make money!"    Suddenly, a hoard mentality sets in.   One problem, you NEED people.......add in that I'm OBSESSED with quality ........I refuse to hire hungover bartenders to give tours......I don't want poor quality print material .........(unlike the typical tour machine....) People and products working at Princeton Tour Company?  Top shelf.  Upper top shelf.....No exceptions!

So, gratefully, we're getting some  Revenue relief - truth is, people like coming to Princeton and they want to know her story.  They hear it and they tell their momma, their brother, their sister and brother ........ We're growing .... last summer I couldn't GIVE a tour away.......this summer we're out there...people love the town (and gown) of Princeton! 

(Including today's private tour to Mr. Lewis's grandson ...... of the Lewis Library and Lewis Art Center ....... thank you for such wonderful donations to our University!  By investing in the University you invest in it's surrounding make us a destination spot!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

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Mimi, like a cat being thrown from a tall building, you always land on your feet. Watching you finagle in/out of stuff is VERY amusing...keep up the great/entertaining work!

You Know You're a Princeton WannaBe

When you wear more orange than your diploma allows! 

Who cares?  My tourists LOVE to think everyone is an Ivy Leaguer and no one has a mortgage in Princeton!  Play it up!  It helps sell the town.  Hedy has some awesome sales right now if you're looking for some great disguises!

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These ensembles are displayed on the strip in Knoxville, TN  too  -- Go Vols!

A Portion of My Pretend Interview with the New York Times ....

High Powered Interviewer:  "So, Mimi, we just got back from the tour and have held the front page of The New York Times for the answer ......... What did you look to for inspiration in crafting the "story" of Princeton?"

Me:  (speaking slowly and intelligently which is rarely the case......pausing to consider if they will put a photo of me or Lindy that crazy ram on Nassau):  Well, I use Keats’ theory of negative capability in my approach to unveiling the greatest Ivy League town in America.

HIM:  huh?  You use Keats theory of negative capability to craft the tours?

Me:   Yep!  Keats came up with the theory after seeing Shakespeare—that the deepest truths are found in uncertainty and doubt and mystery and not in “the irritating reach for fact and reason.”

HIM: Are you making this up?

Me:  A little......but people say that's what it feels like after taking one of our tours!  They want to know more - learn more - appreciate it a bit more!

HIM:  It's true.  Great tours.

Me:  Nope - Great town (& gown)!


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Hey, Mimi...get Princeton Tours on the back of some menus. More people study menus than they do THE TIMES! I am sure The Carousel will be happy to throw you a bone! Those ladies are the sweetest.'re giving me some GREAT ideas .............. let's see how fast I can execute something like that!

Is It Normal to (start to) Hate Your Staff?

Okay, this is my first small biz .... if you haven't noticed I dig the Mimi show  but even Johnny knew when to step down......

Introducing, the Will show ......3 parts history and 1 part BRAVO.....

Will grew up in Princeton....Will won the history award at PHS........before you think he leads the snore tour......we pride ourselves on having just the right amount of steak-n-sizzle

This guy knows how to serve up the main dish of Princeton's history with the side dishes that make her irresistable too!

(Don't worry, Warren is still in the line up but the schedule comes in 2nd to his grandkids and motorcycle riding!  Carolyn (for Architecture) is on vaca.  Hannah is in training but we can't get her off the Bravo stuff.  She may have to lead the Fibbers Tour on April 1st each year ....)

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Well, Well, Well my pretty... I see the COMMENTS are  back !!!!  All your smoozing FINALLY paid off...Since the "COMMENT CUT OFF", I have seen blogs that are a little abusive to the Bella and Shug Show...the one on the 4th was especially damaging. Play nice in the sandbox, Mimi. The FAMILY reunion is just a few short weeks away... there is talk of a hanging...

Princeton Francophiles! Happy Bastille Day!

No wonder I feel rebellious this AM!  If you're sharin' the vibe, storm over to  Palmer Square at 5:30pm for free music, food and drinks.  (I think it's a business fair but what'you care?  IT'S FREE!!!!)

(If you show up and come to our table and say, "French wine, french bread and french fries" we'll give you a free spot on the ghost tour this Saturday night!)

Did you know French colonel, Marquis de la Fayette, fought in the American Revolution for FREE?  HE DID!  He dug George so much he named his adopted son George Washington!  (He also gave John Adams a pet croc as a gift........I KNOW!!!  French people ROCK!  Yes, the Bastille Day Walking Tour at 1pm is sold out but you can sign up for 2010 if you're a freak for the French!  On the Adventure Page)

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Not really, but this guy TOTALLY looked like him.  He was a smartypants too and helped me connect some dots on the 'ol British history stuff.  (He's a Cambridge man.....I KNOW!!!)

(Anyhoo, Steve O hates these pants and now I see why .......from the right angle they are HOT!  From this angle ......... not so much.)


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Flirt Alert!  Flirt Alert! He is rather cute.

Mimi, you're far too sweet...! Although to ensure my good name remains intact, I ought to point out that I am in fact an Oxford man! (As was Hugh, and indeed most of the best people!)

Thanks again for the marvellous tour and the bicycle, Princeton is now one of my favourite places!

Best, Doug

As long as she's in those pants, I'm OK with the flirting.


Sorry about gettin' your school wrong!  (If it's not Princeton, for me, it all sounds the same - :)

Please track down your look alike and come back to our wonderful town anytime!  You'll have a fan club waiting for you!

Mimi O

(Steve, I LOVE these pants no matter what you say!)

"Mimi, You're Getting a Little One Dimensional...."

Says HIM, adjusting his tip jar for maximum periphery viewing. 

ME:  "What d'ya mean?  One dimensional?"

HIM:  "Like, you don't have enough goin' on .... it's just Princeton trivia, facts and history.  Your husband must go bonkers."

ME:  (Considering the plight of Steve O for the first time since I don't know when.....think, think, think......I think he mentioned he's had to use Mr. Bubbles (blueberry, no less)  as his shampoo this week which I think means I should go shopping?  Whateva, his hair smells like the inside of Ricky's on Nassau Street......) 


Y'know, Kurt Godel believed in time travel and came up with a ton of theories on it when he lived here ....... maybe I could call the Institute and borrow his notes in case the reunion gets ugly ....

(cool photo by this guy......


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Wanna Lose Your Family For Two Hours?

 Schedule a tour with Princeton Tour Company and we promise to have your family gigglin' and in a great mood by the time you see them again.

YOU can tell'm Einstein's brain was stolen and John Nash is fun to see in town.  We'll connect the dots on stuff like why we're called Princeton, why the Seminary was started and Michelle's favorite ice cream joint.  We like to think we're 80% fact and 20% fun!



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To Think We Couldn't GIVE a Tour Away This Time Last Year .....

Clearly, things ain't right with the staffing at Princeton Tour Company.  This is a pre-shot of our Lil' Einstein Birthday Scavenger Hunt......... We're crazy about making Princeton a destination spot for birthday parties too!  (Pictured here is Olivia, Elizabeth, Henry, Hannah and Einstein....I mean, Mike, dressed like a deranged Einstein.....sorry're a TOTAL trooper!)

Thanks EF for trusting us to your son's 6th!  Go to the Adventure Page to see the cake for the party!  Like Princeton - one of a kind!

(Interested in working at Princeton Tour Company?  Right now. we're set but keep checking in - we're always on the prowl for people who love biking, walking, history, laughter, computers, storytelling, sky diving - wait, not that - but if you dig all that other stuff - you may just be our type of quirkadoodle!)

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WHAT?!! We Missed A Day of Bloggin'?


It was a busy weekend so it was tough to sit down to the computer and get too many rants out there. 

We'll catch up this week!

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Congratulations Elisabeth and John!

Congratulations Elisabeth and John! 

Today is their wedding day and we're lucky enough to be asked to do a tour for their guests.  During out tour we'll describe the unique history of Princeton University and Princeton downtown.  Along the way, we'll dish up info on where Elisabeth knew John was the one, first dates, first kiss and favorite meeting spots. 

Learning about this couple's experience in Princeton makes me more passionate than ever that Princeton is a place where dreams really do come true.  Really, they do.

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To Think I Trust My Sales To This Woman ....

 Meet Hannah - the cow to the right ...... wait....that came off wrong ...... she's DRESSED as a cow to get a FREE dinner at Chick-Fil-A ..... hello?  who wouldn't dress up for FREE FRIED CHICKEN?  

She heads up summer sales at PTC -

Mike .......who musters a gansta vibe in his inner cow is actually our Einstein Look-A-Like for Birthday parties ...... don't worry we rein him in for those .....

I KNOW!  We're at a scary place in our company but we promise to deliver one-of-a-kind fall-in-love-with- Princeton for anyone that's up for the above average experience!

Eat up you two cows!  You're not ready for pasture!


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Okay, I Could TOTALLY Get Used To This!

Here's a shot of what it looks like to have premier seats at a screening of a Sundance movie .........


The best part?  You get to chat up the stars and directors!  I actually hugged them all and, well, they're good huggers!  (I DID!  Ask Steve O - he was there congratulating them on an astounding job too!)  Pictured here is Hugh Dancey, Max Mayer and all the cast of ADAM - see Amy Irving?  Peter Gallagher, Frankie Falson?  Rose Byrne wasn't here but she's great too!)

If you've ever known or loved someone with Asperger's Syndrome or a spectrum disorder, go see this movie.  I study up on Einstein, Godel and a ton of other - well, I call them quirkadoodles because they are IMPOSSIBLE not to love and IMPOSSIBLE to predict -


Kisses Max & Hugh!  AMAZING JOB!

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FREE Books on My IPOD?

They've done it again!  Just when I thought the Princeton Public Library couldn't get ANY more cool!  Now, I can now download eBooks on my  iPod (for free) at the library!  Meet me at  their session TODAY at 1 pm to find out how!

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Another Reason to Dig Witherspoon Grill!

The owner, Jack Morrison, bikes to work!  HE DOES!  I just saw him on Nassau Street. 

My maiden name is Morrison so I'M SO CURIOUS IF WE'RE RELATED!  

(I hope so because Jack is good stock for Princeton, New Jersey!)

1 comment - Last on 07/09/2009

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We went there after your tour and thought about how Mr. Hine's would probably love that anyone who takes your tour finds out what a neat guy he was in town.  WE LOVE PRINCETON!

Dan & Michael (fans of Steve O)

Okay, George is on the $1 Bill and

he was in Princetown ALOT ....... (He loved the students and RAVED about their patriotism) ......

Lincoln is on the $5 and his connection to Princeton was getting an honorary degree in 1861 (-same year the Civil War started - many say the degree signified the college's support of abolition - Princeton's student body was 55% southern when the war started so some people questioned their position - this degree sent a message.....)

Let's see, we've got Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury, on the $10 - he eventually got gunned down by Princeton's Aaron Burr, Jr. in that famous duel.  (Aaron's dad was actually the 2nd college President and grew up in that yellow house on campus across from Zorbas Brother  .......anyhoo.....)

We can't find anything that connects us to Andrew Jackson on the $20 - which is SO ME to charge that amount for the tours and have no Princeton story to go with it ..........

I KNOW!  I'll raise the price of the tours to have a bangin' story to tell at the start of the tours ..........let's see ........

Grover Cleveland is on the $1000 bill!  He ADORED Princeton and was instrumental in getting the Graduate School located where it is today!  LOVE IT!  WAIT!


 (I thought of $100,000 to celebrate Woodrow Wilson but he was a bit of a nudge ......) 





1 comment - Last on 07/09/2009

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You could keep it at $20 and make the point it's the only bill that isn't linked to Princeton ...... that's an even better story and you'll sell more tours.  I'm not sure Grant is linked either so you could go up to $50 ........ Franklin?  What's his tie to Princeton?

Mary N.

Wanna Make a Statement at Lunch?

Even the doggie bags at LAHIERE'S are classy!

Lahiere's is where I channel Audrey and, like her - ever the wild child, I've showed up in everything from flip flops to, well, not flip flops. 

Alotta my buds think Lahiere's is too "special" just to have lunch.  Not true...order smart.....get the soup and a pasta dish - it'll set you back about the same as a vat-o-dead-salad off Route 1 ... Queen Noor loves the duck, Jeffrey Euginides digs the window table while Einstein liked the two seater in the center and we hear Bill Frist loves the relaxed but civilized atmosphere!

Talk about a statement lunch bag for your kid's camp the next day!


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Did Anyone See The Paul Robeson Look-A-Like and Sound-A-Like on America's Got Talent Tonight?

 The last performer reminded me of him so much tonight!


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Don't Hate Me For Bein' God's Favorite!

So guess who just got invited to THIS afterparty ?!!!!

Watch the trailer ...... please....... really ....... go click it and you'll thank me!

My secret plan?  Convince the director, producer and actors of ADAM to back a Princeton Pi Day on Einstein's birthday - March 14rth - 3.14 - get it?  numeric equivalent for Pi......

Princeton deserves to be a destination city!  We've got more cool quirkadoodles than any 2 square miles on earth !!!!  We're the perfect city to help them feel comfortable for one day in their lives!

(photo application temporarily down on my website ...... webbers are losing sleep to get it fixed but for now ....... I'm limited to text........)


2 comments - Last on 07/07/2009

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Jennifer A.


My brother has Aspergers and this looks like Hollywood may have gotten it right on this one!  It looks like the Lil' Miss Sunshine for Aspies!  I ADORE my original brother!

Sara T.


Bella, my Medicare card carrying mother has registered for Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets.....

When asked "Why?"  Bella's Socratic retort was "Why not?"

My question?  "Why bother?  Especially when you can snuggle in and watch the whole thing on TV with a Hoagie Haven sub, a nice red from Cool Vines and plenty of room to dance?"

Good luck, Mom!  If you get in and get on TV, please mention Princeton Tour Company!


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My Boyfriend's Back & There's Gonna Be Trouble .....

Steve O is back from his vacation with his best pal Stosh!

(I don't think I mentioned they were away this past week .... the first two days I was like Marge in the Simpsons - bathtubs, milkshakes for dinner and an insane amount of trashy magazines from the Palmer Square Kiosk......By day three, even I was sick of foreign flicks!)

 All of ya'll can guess my idea of camping out is room service but between us, I kind of dig it that Steve O and Stosh know how to make Cowboy Toast! 




1 comment - Last on 07/07/2009

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We're the two guys from Philly who  took your tour two weeks ago!  More posts about Steve O PLEASE!

He's SO HOT!

Dan & Michael

Madonna Books Gig To Impersonate Michael Jackson Tonight!

Whoo!  Whoo!  Crazy train Madonna is headed to London where she will be  

dedicating part of her show to MJ with some signature moves...

and scary plastic surgery?



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I Live to Make Fun of My Family!

To your left, meet Shug (Shug is his grandfather name for sugar-n-hugs mixed together - gag!)


Bella (Bella is her grandmother made up name)

They were normal parents but overnight, they morphed into nutjobs. 

What happened?

They became grandparents to one kid......Stosh-a-Roo.......

These are photos they sent last night (along with a video file of Shug singin' and whistlin' the national anthem....I would post it here but it feels too much like kicking a baby seal....make that kicking a baby seal in the face.)

None of this is made up......I seriously worry this is a genetic condition. 

(You didn't hear it from me but Bella has a talking sweater from Cracker Barrel - when you pull the reindeer's bell, Mrs. Claus says she can't wait to make it a sweet holiday......)



1 comment - Last on 07/07/2009

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Okay, this is the ULTIMATE payback ......... how much does Princeton Online charge for a blog? ....... it just might be worth it!

Dixie P.

(Mimi, it's Dixie from N'Vegas.  We LOVE your blog!  Keep representin' up north!)

Who Crushes on Sarah Palin When They Could Crush on Sylvia Beach?

Honestly, there's no comparison between the two........(but mentioning Sarah today helps my Yahoo Slurp numbers....anyway, not your problem........)

So......Sylvia Beach, a native Princetonian, was born to the 2nd ambassador of Paris - (He was also a cool minister at the Nassau Presbyterian Church.....)  She would go back and forth to Paris throughout her young life.  Eventually, she started Shakespeare & Company, the popular bookstore in Paris during the Jazz Age.  The likes of James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, TS Elliot, F. Scott and Ernest Hemingway would call her their friend because she published the controversial book Ullyses which influenced the writings of all of them!

Hello????!!!  Can I hear a Girl Power out there????




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World Celebrates Princeton Tour Company Anniversary - (but they don't know it!)

Your 4rth Celebration just got crazier!  Now you can celebrate that we officially started doing tours a year ago today!

This weekend we sold enough to make rent...............last year?  I actually begged family and paid off high priced ringers so that we didn't look like a flop on the launch date.......don't laugh, it kind of worked so note to self if you start a biz.......

I love this photo because it really captures what it's like to own a small business in Princeton........ as the owner you're DETURMINED to make the biz work while everyone around you is a little mezmerized..........and terrified too!

Princeton, thanks for giving us an explosive 1st year!

(Ever wondered about the misspellings?  Part of the car wreck brand of the blog.......get it ?!  I don't think of this stuff - it's what the pros say to do!  I'm, like, a natural because I stink at spelling!)

 This awesome photo by


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My Customers Will Do ANYTHING To Help Me!

These two Philly residents sent this to me as a thank you for taking a tour last weekend. 

Most of my customers say things like, "You have to tell more people about these tours!"  (One problem, advertising is, like, REALLY expensive!  So, I'm counting on customers like these to get the word out!)

If you go to Philly this weekend, be on the lookout for guys with info about our July 4rth tours!  It looks like it'll be spray tanned on their backs!





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Angelina and Madonna Should Have Their Heads Checked -

Not for adopting a ton of babies..........for training to become pilots!

Yes, we will be offering helicopter tours of Princeton, New Jersey and

No, I won't be giving them.

This is about three minutes before the engine started runnin' and the blades started whippin' ......

Don't I look relaxed?  Aviators were key to my confidence to even climb in this thing....Anyhoo....

After this shot I bailed and did the combat crawl about 200 feet - I'm not kidding about Chloe bag stood in as a machine gun device as I trekked the hot pavement......Once under the hanger........I made Hannah, one of our new hires - pictured in pink- take the maiden voyage to see if Princeton is lovable by air.

Her verdict?  Princeton is just as loveable by air!

"Mimi, an air tour really shows that Princeton University and the town are the Oxford of England......equidistant from two of the greatest cities in America, you really get a feel for how this town got started, why it was so pivotal in,  the sunset skylines in Philly and NYC are heartstopping."

So there you have it.  We're offering helicopter tours.  Appropriately listed under the Adventures Section of the website................July 4rth is sold out but you can book a private gig by calling us - 609-902-3637.



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25% off EVERYTHING at kate spade!


kate spade - palmer square - princeton -

25% off the whole kit-n-kaboodle


 Lilly fan?

Right game......wrong base, honey!

(Recently, my Bucks County bud hung out with Kate Spade.  Kate reads chapter books poolside!  How classy is that?)




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Doesn't Everyone Show Off for Brainy Princeton Undergrads?


Gimme a break - these people are flippin' winners -

Here's Sean Gleason .......... anything but a Princeton WannaBe........he's inspired our category of a Princeton GonnaDo!  He's attending Princeton University with more on his mind than the average Genius.....

This guy contacted me six months ago with an idea to get undergrads to bike more and shop locally.  Guess what?  He's figured out how to get it done. 

No really, if you're a Princeton road hog you've been warned....... Princeton University students will be biking more and spending locally because of this young man. 

Dalia, a rising junior at PU, will be hammering out the details of his master plan this summer and she'll be droppin' names so if she contacts you please be part of the dream team!


(Is it me or does Sean look like he'd wrestle snakes for something he's passionate about?  More on that later this summer!)

Princeton students may look like dreamers but you better watch out -

these people are flippin' VISIONARY!


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Talk about an Independent Type of Guy

See this guy in front of the Kopp's - the oldest cycle shop in America? 

His name?   Nick Thomas! 

His game? Beating cancer!

Why'd he come to Princeton?  Nick is a physics buff - "If you understand physics, you understand everything."  He took up triathalon training after he beat his own system and then vowed to be a source for the cure.  Princeton has been his mecca since diagnosis - to see the hometown of Einstein and the oldest cycle shop in America .......(cycling has become his passion).  If you ask me, Princeton is his dream town! 

Do you have dreams that come true because you came in contact with Princeton?   ME TOO!

Wanna help this incredible young man?


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Calling all God Squads ....













Princeton is equidistant from Philly and New York City ....

which I'm thinking must be why we're starting to get calls from some pretty dialed in celebs ........

Enjoy the excerpt from my high powered mornin'  conversation:

She or He:  (I swear I couldn't judgement, just couldn't tell......)  "Hello, I represent (So-&-So Big Deal).  We see you do tours in Princeton, New Jersey.  Do you do helicopter tours?"

ME:   "As in actually-have-a-reason-to-wear-Aviator-sunglasses helicopter tours????"

SHIM:  (I never figured it out so I'm going with SHim from here on out) "Excuse me?"

ME:  "I'm sorry, I meant to say 'Yes, we charter helicopters to provide one of a kind,  private, customized tours of Princeton, New Jersey - See the Princeton You (ahem, and I) Never Knew Existed!'"

SHim:  "Seriously, we would need several helicopters at the same time for what we are planning."

ME:  "Absolutely!"

I hope Warren is willing to do helicopter tours because I'd just soon meet Jesus than climb on a helicopter and try to point out where Einstein liked to have tea everyday at 4:00pm..........

Wanna meet the Big Deal Private Tour Prospect? 



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Copper Beach trees in Princeton, that is!

You know that AWESOME tree on Library Place where Boudinot intersects?  It's a Copper Beach Tree. 

(Pictured here is the couple who have loved this tree for many years.   They are telling my New York customers about the history of the house and the tree!  Ellen Wilson complained about not being able to heat her house on Library Place!  Anyhoo.....)

The best part of giving these tours are getting to know the families that protect Princeton's most incredible landmarks.  If you see a landmark you're grateful for drop a quick note to the owner in the mailbox! 


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