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I'm not a real historian.   I didn't grow up in Princeton.    I don't have an Ivy League education.   

I'm a total Princeton WannaBe. 

Still, I gush about loving the heart of Princeton as much as I can!




About Twice a Year, I Like to Triangulate ...

The Triangle Club is turning 120 years old and damn has she got legs or WHAT??!!

This year is all about Family Feudalism .... here's a snippet from the press release .... yes, I'm shocked I'm considered "Media" but I'll TAKE IT!:

"With original music and lyrics by Princeton’s best and brightest, this year’s production gallops onto the stage in a flourish of Princeton pageantry fit for a musical comedy coronation. There is a Lady Gaga-inspired number about Queen Elizabeth I called “Power Face,” as well as a disco-inspired number called “Bring Back the Fever” that satirizes the return of the Plague, plus “No Monkey Business" which is about all the things that monks aren't allowed to do in monasteries, and, of course, Triangle’s trademark all-male kickline"  .....

I'll admit, the All Male Kickline is what inspired my initial interest in the Triangle Club back in 2006.  I've never missed a Triangle Show since moving to Princeton but it's not just the boys in heels that bring me back......  It's the idea that this tradition has been continued for so long.  That it started with guys like F. Scott and Booth Tarkington.  That ALL the incredible graduates of Princeton either performed or saw a Triangle Show.  

Without a doubt, seeing a Triangle Club show is a "Life Bucket WannaBe Moment"

Tickets for Family Feudalism start at $22. Student and kid tickets $10 (on the web use promo code STUTIX). To order tickets by phone, call (609) 258-2787 or visit online McCarter Theatre is located at 91 University Place in Princeton.



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