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I'm not a real historian.   I didn't grow up in Princeton.    I don't have an Ivy League education.   

I'm a total Princeton WannaBe. 

Still, I gush about loving the heart of Princeton as much as I can!




No Wonder I Felt Like Having a Beer Today ....

Today, only FOREVER ago, the first canned beer was made available!

TRUE!  In 1935, the American Can Company and Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company offered 2,000 cold ones to their customers in Virginia. 

Did you know members of the Coors family went to Princeton?  TRUE!  So did members of the Stroh family and Pabst family!  ALL TRUE! 

Be organizing a Pub Crawl for your friends this Spring!  If you think beer moguls are fun to study WAIT until you hear about the hard liquor dudes!


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