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Small Meetings Magazine
Small Meetings Magazine - Where else could you have morning coffee where Albert Einstein once ate breakfast and carved his name in a mellow wooden booth, or mingle with your colleagues where Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer used to chat over afternoon tea?   Read text...

Meetings Magazine East - WOW! Princeton!
Princeton’s most spirited cheerleader is Mimi Omiecinski. She’s the owner of Princeton Tour Company, a full-service tour company that offers a dizzying array of walking, kayaking and biking tours, along with event planning assistance.

About the Owner - Princeton Packet
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Bucks County Life Magazine

US 1 Magazine: A New Perspective on Princeton
Ask any Princeton resident about the town and you will come away with a sense that this is a pretty interesting place. Ask Mimi Omiecinski the same question and you will be treated to a fascinating exploration of the people, the culture, the history and, yes, the intrigue of these unique two square miles. Omiecinski’s Princeton Tour Company has fast become an eclectic resource for visitors, long time residents, and new arrivals to get to know Princeton up close and personal.


Trenton Times Gives Ink to Our Cemetery Tours
This article talks about hauntings on campus and ACTUAL RESEARCH at Princeton University that PROVE our minds control matter!

The Daily Princetonian
The Daily Princetonian is the Princeton University dallie newspaper .... we LOVE the article AND the sweet comments at the end!

Town Topics
Town Topics Mentions Us While Featuring Kopp's Cycle Shop!

The Trentonian: Ivy Eyes
You moved to Princeton four years ago. What’s the biggest misconception people have about the borough? That it’s a bunch of snobs. The people who do have money in this town, to them, it’s about legacy and giving back. It would blow your mind to see what they give.

Princeton Packet - Wheels begin turning at Princeton Bike Tours
When Mimi Omiecinski moved to Princeton Borough over a year and a half ago, she gave up her car and got acquainted with her new home by bicycle. "If you are on a bike, you get a feeling that you can only get on a bike ride," she said. "It's just a better way to experience Princeton. Princeton is a lot more bikeable than most people think."   Read text...

Washington Post: For Those Interested in Sightseeing ....
The question begins as we pedal past a half-mile of gold forsythia and follow a low stone bridge over Carnegie Lake, then gains force at the sight of undergraduates grooving to house party music outside a dining club that resembles stately Wayne Manor: Why didn't we go to Princeton?

New York Times Weekenders Gives Us a Thumbs UP!
If we knew how to put this at the top of the list but we don't know how .... still, the New York Times Gives Us a THUMBS UP! I KNOW!

Princeton Packet DIGS Cemetery Tours
We love it when people fall in love with the dark!

Town Topics - Pedaling Through Princeton
Albert Einstein didn't like to wear socks, in fact, some local townies can remember him pausing on Nassau Street ......

Online Mentions

Princeton Patch Covers WHY We Give Tours

City Kidz World

Ron Kapon Blog!
The WORLD FAMOUS Ron Kapon LOVES Princeton! (and our tours!)

DailyCandy KIDS - Philadelphia

Princeton University - (we're on the cool bike map)

Princeton Pi Day/Einstein's Birthday


Town Topics Reports Pi Day a Success!

New Jersey Magazine

The Trentonian
Great Video of the Event!

Princeton Packet (&   Read text...

The Trentonian
This includes a video description!

Cool photos from the Princeton Public Library

Featured as a Major Event with the Princeton Regional Chamber

Fox News Illinois

Jersey Girl Blog!

Princeton Comment
Princeton Comment is my favorite Princeton blog!

Princeton Online

Princeton Public Library

Princeton Shopping Center Events

Shutterbug Geek Showed Up for the FUN!

The Princetonian

Town Topics Gives Pi Day Cute Info

Twitter Feed for Princeton Pi Day

Two River Times
Two River Times Reports the Einstein Look Alike Winner!

Two River Times

US 1 - The Cover!   Read text...

We Made the PrincetonKIDS Pick of the Week!


Erik Hastings Travel Show - New York City
Erik Hastings invited us to talk about the CVB Chamber and our tours!

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